The Department of Structural Engineering is the largest department at Tongji University. This department is mainly divided into three disciplines: structural engineering, civil engineering construction, and Information Technology in Civil Engineering. Our internationally renowned experts and scholars carry out world-class research focusing on the challenges of civil and structural engineering, and over decades they have been playing a critical role in promoting the development of structural engineering discipline in China. Currently, the department consists of 117 staff members, including one member of the Academy of Engineering of China, 31 professors, 40 associate professors, 30 Lecturers and 16 administrative staff and laboratory technicians.


  The teaching activities of the Department of Structural Engineering are mainly organized through the teaching management centre, which consists of several management groups, including the management groups of concrete structure, steel structure, civil engineering construction management, structural mechanics, engineering drawing, and some external management offices. The research activities of the department are mostly carried out by 15 research groups. The major research areas cover large span steel structures, multi-storey and high-rise steel structures, light-weighted steel structures, steel towering, concrete and masonry structures, prestressed structure, steel-concrete composite structures, and timber structures. The research focuses cover seismic performance, wind action, fire resistance, stability, fatigue, durability, reliability, appraisal and strengthening, computer simulation and CAD, and construction technology and management, etc.


  The Department of Structural Engineering has made great achievements in various aspects, including personnel training, teaching, research, innovation, international exchange, social service, and industrial service, etc. Nowadays, the average annual enrollment of graduate students is more than 150, and the number is more than 50 for doctoral students. The department has completed a series of teaching reform projects and published a considerable number of high-quality textbooks. We are now offering five 'national featured courses' and five 'national featured remote education courses'; and we also have one 'national featured teacher', four' featured teachers of Shanghai', one 'national featured teach & researching team' and one featured 'teaching & researching team of Shanghai'.


  The department has also established a cooperative relationship with universities and institutions from United States, Canada, Germany, France, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Australia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The department receives and sends out visiting students and scholars on regular basis. Other forms of international cooperation include united graduation project, academic exchanges, joint research activities and projects, etc. The department is also very active in organizing and hosting international conferences.


  The department has presided over the completion of many scientific research and international cooperation projects that were funded by the National Climbing Plan B, the “863” and “973” programs of China, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the National Outstanding Youth Fund, the National Science and Technology, Ministry of Construction, Ministry of Education, Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, Construction Commission, Board of Education, etc. The department has also completed a large number of key research and engineering projects for Shanghai and many other major provinces and cities. The department owns more than 150 scientific and technological awards at national and provincial levels and holds more than 60 national patents. Our members of staff have also served as editor-in-chief and editors for more than 80 national and Shanghai norms or standards on structural design, construction, testing, inspection, and appraisal, etc. The department has also developed a number of proprietary computer software packages.


  Currently, the department has established six university-industry co-operative Research and Development Centres and three graduate student practice bases. The annual scholarships and financial aids sponsored by industrial members totals up to 16 million RMB for graduate students. In addition, the department also hosts annually graduate student football championship and basketball tournament with eight teams that are mainly contributed by graduate students.


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