Research Group for Multi-Story and High-Rise Steel Buildings and Fire Resistance of Steel Structures

Multi-story and high-rise steel structures

Fire resistance and earthquake resistance of steel structures

Engineering blast resistance and anti-terror security

Research Group for Steel and Light Structures

Earthquake resistance of steel structures

Light steel structural systems

Behavior and details of connections in steel structures

New spatial structures and nonlinear analysis

Test technologies for large complicated structures

Fatigue and fracture of steel structures

Steel tube structure and steel-concrete composite structures

Research Group for Spatial Structures

Steel structures and cable structures for buildings

Membrane structures

Aluminum alloy structures

Glass curtain wall systems

Steel structure systems for residential structures

Structural stability and nonlinear numerical analysis

Computer simulation in civil engineering

Research Group for High-Rise Structures

High-rise structures

Tower structures

Mast structures

Steel structures

Timber structures

Structures for wind power

Wind resistance and earthquake resistance of structures

Evaluation of steel structures

Research Group for the Theory and Construction Technology of Steel Structures

Large-span and spatial structures

Prestressed steel structures

Aluminum alloy structures

Construction, inspection and appraisal of steel structures

Institute of Modern RC Structures and Lifeline Engineering

High-performance concrete structures and smart structures

Lifeline engineering

Stochastic damage evolution and nonlinear analysis of concrete structures

Quality diagnosis and health monitoring of concrete structures

Prestressed concrete structures and structures of new composite materials

Fire resistance of concrete structures

Research Group for Appraisal, Strengthening and Numerical Simulation

Structural life-cycle design and maintenance

Durability of structures

Performance evaluation and strengthening technology for existing structures

Theories for concrete structures and masonry structures

Computer simulation for structures

Dynamic performance and numeric simulation of concrete materials and structures under blast loads

Steel-concrete composite structures

Stability and reliability analysis of light wood roof structure systems

Seismic behaviors of concrete-wood composite structures

Institute of Prestressed Structures

Reinforced concrete structures and prestressed concrete structures

Seismic behaviors of structures

Prestressed steel structures

Research Group for the Durability of RC Structures

Theories and applications of concrete structures and masonry structures

Durability of concrete structures

New technologies and methods for structural evaluation and strengthening

New reinforced concrete structures (FRP-reinforced concrete structures, hybrid reinforced concrete structures, etc.)

Computation analysis for new and existing structures

Theories and applications of traditional and modern wood structures

Research Group for Modern Prestressed or Precast Structures

Modern prestressed structures

Precast concrete structures

Application of advanced composite materials

Steel-concrete composite structures

Research Group for Modern Construction Technology and Project Management

Dynamic behavior of formwork and falsework for the construction of high-rise buildings

Mechanical behavior of underground continuous wall for deep caving

Mechanical analysis for construction platform structures in deep water

Structural analysis of construction platforms for deep water areas

Construction technology of foundation for dams of large hydraulic projects

Project management and engineering economic analysis

Research and teaching of construction related codes
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