At Tongji University, there are 3 sub-disciplines in civil engineering, namely, Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering Construction, and Information Technology in Civil Engineering. Of the longest history, Structural engineering is one of the best traditional disciplines at Tongji University. In 1981, as one of the first batches of doctoral programs, the discipline of Structural Engineering was approved by the State Council of China. A postdoctoral program in Structural Engineering was approved subsequently in 1984, and later in 1987, the discipline of Structural Engineering of Tongji University was awarded as a 'national key discipline'. In 1988, the discipline of Structural Engineering of Tongji University was granted by the Ministry of Education of China as the first batch of disciplines of distinguished professors of "Chang Jiang Scholars Program" and key projects of the national "211 Project". In 2001, the discipline of Structural Engineering continued to be granted as one of the national key disciplines, and was also granted as one of the key disciplines of Shanghai. In 2004, Tongji University was granted by the Ministry of Education to set up master, doctoral and post-doctoral programs of our two other disciplines: Civil Engineering Construction and Computer Simulation of Civil Engineering.


  After being developed for around 100 years, the department of building engineering has accumulated extensive teaching and research resources. Now there are 62 master and PhD supervisors, including 1 fellow of academy of engineering, 1 Changjiang scholar, 1 visiting scholar of Education Ministry, 2 national natural founding outstanding young scholars. These extraordinary and excellent specialists have made great achievements in national education, scientific research, society service, and international cooperation. We have carried out and completed the a series of scientific research and international cooperation projects that were funded by the National Climbing Plan B, the “863” and “973” programs of China, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the National Outstanding Youth Fund, the National Science and Technology, Ministry of Construction, Ministry of Education, Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, Construction Commission, Board of Education, etc. More than 100 standards and codes of design, construction, monitor, and evaluation have been edited and published. Several commercial computer software have been developed. Many national and local educational and research prices have been awarded to us. The department of building engineering has dedicated and committed a lot to the development of the nation. Also, international collaborations with Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, and Korea, etc. have been made, and several projects of international exchange of students and scholars have been promoted. In addition, many international conferences have been hosted and sponsored by our department, and a significant number of academic organizations and journals have been sponsored by the department.


  So far, the department of building engineering has educated more than 16000 students for the nation, including approximately 1690 master students and around 650 doctoral students.


  In the department of building engineering, the research master degree, the research doctor degree, and the engineering master degree can be given under the 3 sub-disciplines, i.e. structural engineering, civil engineering construction, and computer simulation in civil engineering.

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