Reliability assessment and risk-based planning of OM for wind turbines
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教授 Prof. John Dalsgaard Sørensen
Department of Civil Engineering, Aalborg University,
Joint Commission International security structure (JCSS) Chairman,
International Civil Engineering Risk and Reliability Association (CERRA)
Bureau members

Time:2015-11-30(on Monday) 14:30~15:30

Venue:Civil Building Room A305

Chair:Professor Li Jie


    Wind turbines are exposed to highly dynamic loads that cause fatigue and extreme load effects which are subject to significant uncertainties. Further, reduction of cost of energy for wind turbines are very important in order to make wind energy competitive compared to other energy sources. Therefore the turbine components should be designed to have sufficient reliability with respect to both extreme and fatigue loads. This paper presents models for uncertainty modeling and reliability assessment of especially the structural components such as tower, blades, substructure and foundation considering especially fatigue loads. The function of a wind turbine is highly dependent on many electrical and mechanical components as well as a control system also reliability aspects of these components are discussed and it is described how there reliability influences the reliability of the structural components. Further, an approach for risk-based cost optimal planning of operation & maintenance (OM) for offshore wind turbines is presented. Illustrative examples are presented incl. uncertainty modeling and reliability assessment for structural wind turbine components exposed to extreme loads and fatigue,respectively.

About the Speaker:

     Dr. John Dalsgaard Sørensen is now a professor in the Department of Civil Engineering at Aalborg University, Denmark, and is the Head of DAWE (Danish Academy of Wind Energy). He received MSC. and Ph.D. in 1980 and 1984, respectively, from Aalborg University, and became a full professor there since 2006. Prof. Sørensen’s major research interests include structural reliability; risk analysis; structural dynamics; structural analysis; load modeling; offshore structures and wind energy. He has more than 400 publications. Now he serves as the member of Editorial Board of numerous international journals, including Structure and Infrastructure Engineering, Structural Safety, Reliability Engineering & System Safety, etc., and is among members of IEC 61400-1 (Wind turbines – design requirements) Maintenance Team, IEC 61400-3 (Offshore wind turbines) Maintenance Team, and is the Convenor IEC 61400-6 (Wind turbine towers and foundations) Project Team. Since 2011 he has been serving in the Board of Directors of the Civil Engineering Risk and Reliability Association (CERRA), and as the President of the Joint Committee of Structural Safety


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